Make easy money being creator on Savetalents.


How much money will I earn with Savetalents

WE DO NOT CHARGE YOU FOR EXTRA CHARGES. We only deduct the platform fee. Hosting, service, platform, desing.  As a Creator you earn 88% of everything you sell on the site. Users can subscribe and pay monthly to you or you can sell media directly to them at a fixed one time cost.

Can I upload content created by others?

No, only original content is supported by the site. Every creator must verify. In case anything affects you, you can ask for help. This is a platform where only original content can be posted.

How frequent are payouts?

It is worth transferring your income on a weekly basis. Once you are verified you can payout above $25 as often as you want. They are typically sent in 3 business days by bank transfer.

Why do I need to register for the Stripe?

Our partner Stripe is the most trusted online bank in the world. You can be sure that your money is safe.